Updating t mobile samsung galaxy s2

24-Feb-2020 08:53

The T-Mobile (NYSE: PCS) variant of Samsung Electronics Co.

Ltd.’s (KRX:005935) Galaxy S2, with the model number (SGH-T989), can now be upgraded to the latest Android version by installing the Liquid Smooth custom ROM, which is developed with the help of Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat, based on the Android Open Source Project.

Samsung’s second flagship was Galaxy S2 and tens of millions of people bought this phone.

You will find below a list with the latest updates released for Galaxy S2.

The Nougat update improves the multi-window feature and provides an efficient space for the installation of downloaded apps, and faster installation of software updates and apps.

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It is important to keep your Galaxy S2 updated to the latest firmware if you want to be protected from the latest threats or simply to ensure a better performance from your device.The Liquid Smooth custom ROM has many new features, such as custom animation controls, privacy guard, working Wi-Fi tethering and lock-screen notifications to name a few. The Liquid Smooth ROM is not an official release by Samsung, so users need to root their device before flashing the firmware.The device is also required to have a custom recovery such as Clockwork Mod to flash the ROM zip.[table] Country, Date, Version, Build Number Belgium, 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9100XWMS1 Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Brazil, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100VJMS3 Brazil (Oi), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100VJMS3 Brazil (Oi), 2013 July, 4.0.4, I9100VJLPC Brazil (TIM), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100VJMS3 Brazil (VIVO), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100VJMS3 China, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100ZCLSJ China, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100ZNLS6 China (China Mobile), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100ZCLSJ Colombia (Comcel), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 Croatia, 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9100XWMS1 Cyprus, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Dominican Republic, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 Ecuador, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 France, 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Greece, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Hong Kong, 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100ZSMSA Hungary, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Hungary (T-mobile), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Ireland (O2), 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSZ Israel (Orange/Partner), 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100JHLS7 Italy, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Italy (TIM), 2013 December, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Luxembourg, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Nordic countries, 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9100XWMS1 Norway (Telenor), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Paraguay (Claro), 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 Poland (Play), 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Poland (PLUS), 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Romania(COSMOTE),2013 April, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Romania(ORANGE), 2013 April, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSU Romania(VODAFONE), 2013 February, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSD Slovenia (Mobitel), 2013 December, 4.1.2, I9100XWMS2 South Africa, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS South Africa, 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS South Africa (Vodafone), 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS South Africa (XFC), 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS South Africa (XFM), 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSZ South Africa (XFM), 2013 August, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Spain, 2014 January, 4.1.2, I9100XWMS3 Switzerland, 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSZ Switzerland, 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSZ Switzerland, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSW Switzerland, 2013 June, 4.1.2, I9100XWLSS Taiwan, 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100ZSMSA Taiwan, 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100ZSMSA Taiwan (Chunghwa), 2013 September, 4.1.2, I9100ZSMSA Uruguay, 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 Uruguay, 2013 July, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 Uruguay (Claro), 2013 October, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 Venezuela, 2013 November, 4.1.2, I9100UHMS8 [/table] Leave us a comment for any info on the latest updates for your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 and we’ll be quick to respond you.

After rolling out the Nougat update to its high-end smartphones, Samsung has started rolling out the Android 7.0 update to the Galaxy Tab S2.You can download Samsung Kies for free from Samsung, and then use it to search and install updates. You can read this in-depth tutorial on Samsung Kies for more info on how to use it.OTA Updates Samsung also pushes over-the-air updates, for which you don’t need to install any software.The Liquid Smooth ROM is said to increase the performance and overall smoothness of the OS.