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For the majority of matches in this mode, players are selected to have only one nation per team, making it possible to recreate a real scenario, such as the Battle of Stalingrad between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.In Ground Realistic Battles, players get to use more than one vehicle per game through the use of Spawn Points, which are obtained by destroying enemy vehicles and capturing points. Like the Air Realistic Battles mode, players do not have access to enemy player markers, penetration indicators, or range indicators.Events in War Thunder provide custom missions, usually based on one of the three main game modes, but with alternative settings regarding allowed vehicles, mission specifics, etc.Examples are the recreation of historical battles by restricting available vehicles (e.g. Traditionally, the game developers prepare unconventional events for April Fools' Day.Players retain the option to have flaps, trim, and engines automatically controlled in Simulator mode.

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In "Break", the two teams must capture a series of points in order, while in "Battle", each team has its own base zone and must prevent it from being captured.Custom battles, available for both air and ground vehicles, is a mode allowing for the creation of battles by individual players.The creator of the custom battle can select the map, game mode, and other settings; they can also set a password to restrict who can play. This is an "Arcade" tank or plane game mode where players defend a base against waves of AI attackers.War Thunder is a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, mac OS, Linux, Play Station 4, and Shield Android TV. Players have access to more than 800 playable aircraft, tanks, and ships from the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, the United Kingdom, the Japanese Empire, the United States, Italy, France, and China (only on the Chinese server).

Other nations, such as Canada, Australia, and Romania, are also featured as part of the arsenal of the seven main nations.In this mode, the game draws two teams of players (of up to 16 players on each side) with vehicles from different nations of similar combat performance.It is possible to see vehicles of the same type on different teams, and different countries on the player's own team. in very high speed dives planes do not have their wings ripped off and are still controllable, ground vehicles receive a boost in engine power), but retain some realism (e.g.For 2016, ahead of the announcement of the naval forces update, War Thunder offered playable sailing ships of the 18th century fighting in the Caribbean.

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