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13-Aug-2020 00:44

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If used properly, it can achieve beautifully the tasks it was built for.

Its main purpose is to flash your Nokia device or repair existing firmware, but note that these jobs should be performed only after prior documentation in this regard.

Nokia Care Suite includes four main modules, namely: Fuse, Multi IMEI Reader, Multi Software Updater and the Product Support Tool for Store.

The first one manages the connections between your phone and your computer, while the second utility can be used to view the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment) number of your device.

The upgraded version keep on closing just after launch. What the **** Microsoft is doing with such a great app in windows 10 phone.

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What the does, is defined on a rather cryptic and confused information (.inf) file which is *kind of* installation script.

Nokia Care Suite is the company’s official mobile service for troubleshooting and flashing Nokia devices.