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31-Dec-2019 20:50

I ran the IT dept of a healthcare company so I know what I'm talking about. Others come and go (trust me ive tried them all) and pof just stays on the throne, pure bossing it.Told them and their response was tgat if I know computers and IT I shoukd be able to fix the problem myself. Multiple peop e have made the same complaint over the course of the last several months. Of all the new up and coming sites id say only We Just Fit has any chance of challenging pof. Intelligent, sense of humor, 2 kids, single by choice until I meet the right guy.They all babble on how great they are but if they're that great why are they single and why are they mostly in their 30s with longest relationship of only a year??Majority are ignorant picky rude and are suffering from delusions of grandeur Ps how did it get rated 3 stars on here? Well my feelings may have come across rather bluntly in my title so I apologize for my brevity but I will at least state my case to the extent such a thing is possible.. God forbid people pursue physical/emotional happiness via the once "free" internet without pulling the ol' plastic out of the wallet.Gets their drinks and gets them dates & they're all married. He's not licensed or certified to be a teacher. He likes calling women bad nasty names when you call him out. Bathroom is nasty and his house smells like cat piss. He once pulled down my 2 year old grandsons underwear while he was walking by and thought it was funny. Had a few dates, all of the ladies were weird whether we got intimate first date or not.The pretty ones were horrifically ugly by being arrogant and some otherwise unattractive ladies seemed nice on line.

If that is true why is there nothing but raunchy porn website advertisements in my meet me??? Similarly to my experience in AFF, I used a control group of hideous women, messaged them nice and inoffensive things and.... No I'm not a male model but I'm far from a gremlin. Everyone knows much easier for women to get a man than the other way round so these women are only on here to play games or because nobody wants them The women on POF are nothing special/unattractive but they are all so sick in the head so they think that Mr special will search them out on there.

Must be over 6 foot 4 tall, must have a beard, must love dogs, no liars or cheats ( as if anyone would admit they are that! I even went in and changed the password through email but when I try to sign in with new password it tells me the same message.