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Still, I think people have him down as the good guy who’s really bad. I find it difficult to be with people intimately for so long.’ Eckhart was born in San Jose, California, where his father worked for a computer firm.Or the bad guy who might be tortured, the coiled spring, the ambiguous villain. ‘Ah yes, they love the good bad guy.’ After his debut in In the Company of Men women spat at him in the street. ‘My only agenda on this movie was that we should sell how we were as a married couple. I didn’t want the person in front of me to be the idealised partner. But when he was 13 his father’s job moved to England, where they lived in Walton-on-Thames.“The accent, for me, was terrifying in the sense that you have a Staten Island broken-nosed boxer guy from the streets.He has a higher register, which I really tried to get,” Eckhart told The Huffington Post’s Lauren Moraski.Aaron Eckhart and ‘s Austin Nichols were also photographed at the hotspot that same day!Matt was spotted at the shopping center earlier in the week.But two weeks before filming began, Eckhart hadn’t put on the pounds.

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Both performances are finely tuned and complex studies in rage and guilt, but they also manage to be funny, and are rightly tipped for awards.

Shooting, Eckhart says, was ‘six weeks of intense feelings.

As an actor you want to be challenged, but staying in that head space…’ He shakes his head.

‘When you’re able to throw it off at the end of the film it felt good.’ Does he mean it was like a grief workout? You talk to people going through grief when you are in rehearsals. When I came home he was wagging his tail and looked great.

You have to dwell on those feelings and nurture them. There’s no doubt in my mind he waited to say goodbye.’ His voice thickens in his throat. ‘I still have all the leashes displayed prominently,’ he says. ‘Hopefully I will have kids one day.’ Maybe he could just get another dog? I’d like a harem of dogs, wiener dogs all the way up to great danes.Married couples don’t talk to each other at dinner. He had just started surfing and being interested in girls when he was brought to rainy days and a pink cottage.They answer questions with their backs to each other. This was when he first started feeling like an outsider.Aaron Eckhart has played a variety of roles through the years ― from Harvey Dent/Two-Face in “The Dark Knight” to a tobacco lobbyist in “Thank You For Smoking.” But the 48-year-old actor says his most challenging role to date happens to be his most recent.