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When I like an actor I look for more shows with that person, glad I landed on Hotel King. kudos to the writers for creating a wonderful piece of work. Mo ne needs to be weak because jae wan need to show his strong character. SUPERB, clap clap to all the cast, I love Ah Mo-Ne and Cha Jae-Wan's chemistry hoping that they are in a real relationship.

as you watch this drama you will experience a roller coaster of emotions. the expression and the feelings seem so naturally and great performed by the main character especially lee dong wook he's acting is pretty awesome. and one more thing you and lee dae hae has a good chemistry. he needs to be a knight in shining armor for Mo Ne. Its really heart warming seeing jae wan still love his father despite the fact that he doesnt receive any kind of love from him. I watch the full series in 3D2N from 1st to the 32nd episode,it was an EPIC story, Kim Hae-Sook is such a great actress, LDW/LDH also., I just expecting to see what happened to all the remaining characters at 32nd episode.

Also, Lee Deok-Hwa and Kim Hae-Sook made me hate them and love them throughout the story with their incredible performances. unfortunately the ending is too short...happy ending is just 5 minutes.... at first i don't want to watch this drama because i really didn't like LDW. : D no wonder if Lee dong wook is great actor, mix with great plot makes this drama is very recommend to watch. I super duper love this drama and i actually watched it for the 4th time already!

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Im watching it for the 3rd time and im still not bored. I first watched them in My Girl then i became hooked to them. You can really feel the chemistry between the two leads. This is a kind of drama that you will not get tired of watching over and over. You can really feel the chemistry between the two leads, it's so intense.. This is the kind of drama that you will not get tired of watching over and over. : D : D : D more series for LDW/LDH loveteam please!To be sincere I don't really pay much attention to dramas bt the dramas wook has acted have been really COOL Love this drama, is one of my faves. Overall drama is very well done: a lot drama, schemes, secrets and romance.With this drama I've discovered such amazing actor as Lee Dong Wook. I wish LDW more strong and versatile characters as Jaewan/Hyongwoo. This drama deserves even more and not only because of LDW's super acting. Honestly speaking(writing), cha jae wan is the most miserable person i've ever known in this world (ehm kdramaland :p)..Now, Cha Jae-Wan works as the general manager for HOTEL CIEL. One day, Cha Jae-Wan tells Ah Sung-Won that he is his father and he should reveal that publicly. After his death, his only child, Ah Mo-Ne (Lee Da-Hae) appears at HOTEL CIEL. I was debating whether I should watch this or not, and wasn't really feeling it. I’ve seen close to 150 Korean films and dramas (I keep a list). Lee dong wook sshi was cute handsome in this drama as he always has da hae was also nice. It take a very long time lee dong wook sshi to smile in this drama or even you can say that it is hard to find him smiling in this drama.anyway lee dong wook sshi sranghae ❤. Excellent drama, superb script, written excellent, well directed, awesome story line. Lead couple dong wook and da hae has one wonderful chemistry and its flawless.

She acts arrogant, but others are unaware that Ah Mo-Ne is actually afraid of being alone and she is also suspicious of her father's death. I like you, keep a list of dramas i've watched, and I've watched a tonne. To me I’m sorry to say that this is one of the worst written scripts out there. Coz of this amazing couple, I found that they have done the drama named "My Girl" looks like almost their first acting in a series, i watched it too, after hotel king.

The story was nice and the chemistry between the two was very good The plot, admittedly, was stretched to a point to accommodate the lenth of the drama. before i wish them to do another project after my girl because i love their team-up, got sad but at the same time happy, sad because i wasnt aware that they already had their 2nd teamup even though i missed watching it back in 2014, im still happy because i was able to watched it this year. amazing chemistry, their chemistry never fade after many years, super super love DONGHAE couple :) lee dong wook and lee dae hae, hoping for the 3rd team-up.. LDW and LDH played well and they work well together as a couple as they did already in "My Girl"...would say the chemistry was even better now. Also i love all Da Hae's outfit here :p and lastly the kisses were real!

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