Who is hermione granger dating

09-Jan-2020 13:29

Draco raised a skeptical eyebrow whilst Blaise grimaced and cursed Salazar internally; Draco girls who couldn't fly properly.

Okay, so looking out the window had been a bad idea.

Draco was to read a book and having Zabini in a fidgety mood next to you was not to say the least, making such a simple task very difficult.

Blaise gave a nervous chuckle as he recovered from the initial surprise and slid back into the plush armchair embroidered with emerald green silk."What's with the suspicious tone?

Draco, scrutinizing his friend, narrowed his eyes slightly although he was supposed to be watching Granger. Even as he glanced at his friend, he saw that his cheeks were turning an interesting shade of red and the way he had not so artfully changed the subject to talk about Granger lingered on his mind also.

Draco could have almost laughed at Blaise's struggling attempts to tell him something but Draco Malfoy was so skilled in suppressing his emotions that he managed thinly "She's…a mountain troll." Zabini flinched at his best friend's harsh assessment on the girl and wrenched his gaze away from the embarrassing scene out on the fields."You know, she's not that bad." He tried, if sounding a little forced, knowing very well that his mission was doomed.

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Dracox Hermione Zabinix Ginny Ronx Hermione Harryx Ginny. " Draco finally snapped as he felt a pair of dark purple eyes alight on him for the thirteenth time in five minutes."After you left," he said in a low voice, grateful for the fact that Ron's face was hidden, "she cried for a week. There were loads of nights when we never even spoke to each other. With you gone..." He could not finish; it was only now with that Ron was here again that Harry fully realized how much his absence had cost them. "I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me. Whether you live in a metropolis or in a remote village, this feeling can affect you everywhere.

This is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. You've probably heard of them. Their best friend is a guy called Harry Potter. You've probably heard of him too, but he's.… continue reading »

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Harry Potter fandom refers to the community of fans of the Harry Potter books and movies who participate in entertainment activities that revolve around the series.… continue reading »

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It's been two years since she bid farewell to Hermione Granger for the last time. However, actress Emma Watson is clearly still fond of the young student witch as she.… continue reading »

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