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However, their relationship was short-lived and they’re broken up again, now. Keyana revealed that she hooked up with Anthony during a group trip after the show … During that trip, Anthony also slept with Zoe the next night. and she learned about it when she was texting Keith!The night that Anthony was with Keyana, Zoe actually was hooking up with Kareem. Audrey and Hunter Audrey revealed she hooked up with season 3’s Hunter, but it’s nothing serious.But these two have pissed each other off enough times for us to know that eventually one of them is going to legit explode.And based off the preview for this week, chances are that it's Keith and we just have to wait a few more minutes.He and Jada begrudgingly sit next to each other, though, as he jokes about pushing her in the water and she tries not to strangle him where he sits. The house is also loving the controversy, and they vote to send them into the Truth Booth because of it.Some of them think that maybe there's something there because of all that hate, but we're pretty sure it's just because the house was feeling fairly confident about Michael and Keyana, so Keyana and Malcolm would just be fully a waste.(Photo Credit: MTV) Back home, Alexis tells Keith that she'd moved to Jersey so they can be together and they both say they love each other, while inside Joe insists that Keith is only with Alexis because nobody else in the house will have sex with him.We wouldn't put it exactly in those terms, but we don't really disagree, either.

And while watching the MTV guilty pleasure requires little more on our part than to kick back and enjoy, sometimes we like to kick our brains into overdrive and try to figure out all the perfect matches before the house can.At least this way, they could get some entertainment out of it."Dimitri, you said you need a girl who can put you in your place.Past couples from past seasons also came out and season 5’s Gianna and Hayden came out and revealed they’re still together and going strong.

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Season 4’s Kaylen said she’s “casually dating” while getting to know herself.

Unfortunately, this challenge requires Keyana and Dimitri's would-be dates to know things about them.