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18-Jan-2020 00:50

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It's unsurprising, therefore, that Serena Williams has never struggled to find gentlemen with whom to "court" (is that possibly the worst tennis pun you've ever read? And it's equally unsurprising that she's struggled to hold onto any of them: Is it her busy schedule that makes relationships so difficult, or are the alpha males that have come into Serena's life just incapable of dealing with her gargantuan success?

Either way, click through for details of Serena Williams boyfriends, past and present.

While pregnancy kept the Williams’ step mother away from the US Open, a bad bug is keeping tennis star Serena from the China Open.

Serena has just withdrawn from the tournament due to the flu, making this the second consecutive year she won’t be attending the tournament.“This is regrettable news and we hope Serena Williams will get well soon,” the tournament’s official posted on their blog Thursday.

Two-time champions Serena and Venus Williams will compete in doubles at the French Open.

The American sisters were handed a wild-card entry on Thursday into the tournament they won together in 1999 and in 2010.

The sisters are also expected to compete in the singles.The younger of the tennis doubles partners has already grabbed the title for US Open, two Olympic gold medals in London, and Wimbledon this year alone.As Serena embarks on her road to recovery, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see her French tennis coach bringing her soup and medicine.One of the those reasons happened to be that she was dating her Cuban boyfriend Elio Pis, and didn’t want to break the news to him until now.

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It is rumored that Williams kept Pis around to make it seem that she was straight, but Williams told us that she did care a lot for him, just not in a sexual manor.Rumours of a cooling of relations between Serena Williams and her coach-cum-partner, Patrick Mouratoglou, grew stronger on Tuesday night after Williams issued a cryptic tweet underlining her independence.When you're one of the most successful female tennis players in sporting history, and comfortably the richest, there's never a shortage of eligible men ready to accompany you to dinner aboard a super yacht en route to an Oscars party on the shores of a private island.TAYLOR SWIFT the racist white privileged cvnt said she voted “for donald trump twice” in her OWN WORDS!!!

Is Venus Williams married to Elio Pis? Known about her relationships and dating history. Know more about the player's personal and professional career in the very news about her.… continue reading »

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