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Photography inspired him, and launched his career; it would perhaps be too easy to say that it was also an art which demanded the least effort, and made best use of his social connections.

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Anna Massey commented: “Tony had this unbelievable gift of making it like a photographed conversation – you were just unaware of him taking photos …In a 2008 television documentary, his cousin, Thomas Messel, claimed that as a young boy, Armstrong-Jones had been forced to travel by third-class railway carriage while his half-brother, Brendan – later Earl of Rosse – travelled first-class, in a compartment covered in white linen.Having recovered from polio with great determination, Armstrong-Jones went up to Cambridge, where he studied architecture but fell into photography.Indeed, that year he had published a collection of photographs entitled , of which he declared: “I believe that photographs should be simple technically, and easy to look at.