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09-Mar-2020 20:03

Hillary Frank, host of , started Speed Dating for Mom Friends because she herself had a tough time finding mom friends she really connected with. It looks like that picture above, from our San Francisco event. So get yourself on our mailing list below and be among the first to get the scoop when we spread our Speed Dating wings. And if we do say so ourselves, we are a pretty fun crew. Wait, I had a different question and you didn’t answer it!

Mamas don’t have much time to socialize but they desperately need support, so Hillary wanted to create an event that would eliminate some of the guesswork from friend-making. Here’s another: And here’s one from Brooklyn: Check out pictures from our inaugural event (a real TV actor was one of the daters! I want to work with you to host an event in my city!

“Luxembourg companies are making the switch to digital,” Emilie continued.

“This event is a way for entrepreneurs to show off their products, which range from solutions in client management, regulations, and employee management.

She caters her premium services to women over 30 and said the average age hovers around 45.

The lesbian matchmaker focuses on connecting women with partners who have long-term potential.

An event for mamas of all stripes to get matched up with their next new BFF. Who is the creator of Speed Dating for Mom Friends?

“These are professional women who are used to outsourcing parts of life because they value their free time,” she said.

“They hire me to streamline the dating process.” about yourself and your relationship goals and deal breakers.

'I wasn't too sure what to expect as someone in a relationship coming along to help my friend out. The more the night went on the more I got into the role of wingwoman and, more than anything, just enjoyed meeting some new people and helping them find a little love! ) 'Mates Chose Dates was the ideal environment for meeting new people; both romantically for my mate Spence and just as pals! With Toby being single and Gary in a long term relationship, we wanted to have an event we could attend where we could meet like-minded people.

I think they are onto something big here and it could well be the next Tinder. We also wanted an event that was very casual, relaxed and took away the pressures that come with traditional dating by allowing singles to bring along a mate to help them out. A brand new* concept, which we have begun by running in Wimbledon, South London.

All you need with you is a wingman or wingwoman (single or taken) to help you with those tricky decisions!