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20-May-2020 22:12

is “off the charts,” and has told her stories of his once working for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Last week, however, she called me saying that he has been yelling and raging at her for the last month, and everytime she tries to bring up their bills, he blames her for upsetting him, bringing things up always at the wrong time, or calling her an idiot because she forgot to pay a bill.

The question: As parents, how can we support our daughter emotionally, yet not get sucked into her “dance” with this “loser”?

My husband and I have always been protective (maybe over-protective) of her because of her cystic fibrosis, but she is choosing to sever that “lifeline,” for her relationship.

Two days later, she asked me to pick her up on the pretext that she was borrowing some money from us (her boyfriend had told her to ask us).

She was a shaking, nervous wreck, and after hearing her stories of emotional abuse, we convinced her that she needed to get away from him, but all her anti-rejection medication and other essential belongings were still at his house, and she knew he wouldn’t let her get them if she tried to leave.

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Your situation and some strategies to deal with your daughter’s captivity is addressed in another article: Love and Stockholm Syndrome. I’d also recommend that you and your daughter read the website blogs on those two articles.

knowing this ex was a controlling SOB who threatened my husbands life, she lied to us, told us a fictitious name, occupation etc She went to go visit him. she knows this but it doesn't seem to dissuade her. I am heartbroken by the choices my daughter is making. She was attending college and going for Bachelors in psychology and had 3 jobs and got with him and quit everything! She won't listen to anything we have to say about him. my brother once met girl on one of biggest websites like pof or she was hot and he even move to her country cos he loved her. she cheated on hem when telling that she love my brother.

My daughter's boyfriend 30 year old Mama's boy who lives at home, works a part-time deadend job, no education, 10 years older than my daughter, subtly manipulative, enjoys his responsibility-free lifestyle. My daughter talented and driven UNTIL she met this loser. Now she's quit school and has put her dreams on hold.… continue reading »

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The Biggest Loser Second Chances is the eighth season of the NBC reality television series The Biggest Loser. The contestants competed to win a $250,000.… continue reading »

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